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YourZap URL Redirection 1.00

No Image YourZap.comâ„¢ URL Redirection and secure file download Service.The URL redirection service is far superior to many of the other URL redirection services.You Name the URL Password Protect Downloadable files. Download location is hidden with our Secure Download technology. Hide your Affiliate URL code. Make any URL on your website Short.Send Map URLs to your friends and family with out them getting destroyed by your mail program.

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2 Second Link Cloaker 1.0

URL to your list again. Or place search engine unfriendly URLs on your site. This software is underground, but it works like a charm! Do make sure you sign up to receive exact instructions on how to use this link cloaker. Even though it`s easy to use, you may need my instructional videos to totally understand how to use this cloaker. When you sign up, you`ll not only get a instructional video on how to use this cloaker, I`ll also give you some stuff

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URLShorter 1.04: - Make URL short and easy to use
URLShorter 1.04

URL into Qdeo will create a URL like With this you can then redirect someone to anywhere within your site by appending a slash and the pages filename to it. So you can use the URL to visit the second URL above. 2.Hide URL parameters Sometimes you don`t want people to know what the URL parameters are, for example the affiliate URL`s parameters. Then you can enter a URL into Qdeo, and your

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Cloaker Buzz 1.01: Cloaker Buzz is a link cloaking software that cloaks your affiliate links easily
Cloaker Buzz 1.01

Cloaker Buzz is a link cloaking software which allows you to cloak your affiliate links easily and stealthily. You are able to hide your ugly affiliate links and boost your click through rate by at least 200% using this free affiliate link cloaker. It also helps protect your affiliate links and keep your hard earned commissions from being stolen from the nasty affiliate thieves . You can also redirect your cloaked links to any site of your choice

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Easy Affiliate Link Cloaker 1.0: Easy Affiliate Link Cloaker.  Easily Double Your Affiliate Commissions.
Easy Affiliate Link Cloaker 1.0

Discover How You Can Easily Double Your Affiliate Commissions In Less Than 3 Minutes Flat By Turning Those Long Ugly Affiliate Links Into Powerful Search Engine Friendly Links! If you`re an affiliate marketer and you`ve been investing time and money into your business, then you owe it to yourself to protect your investments.

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JustUrls 5.3: A URL browser launching tray icon based application designed to be easy to use.
JustUrls 5.3

Urls is a Web Page or URL `launching` program. The program is designed to get you to your favorite URL`s easily and quickly without any fuss. JustUrls launches your default browser and automatically inserts the URL you have associated with a button you click on. JustUrls assumes you have a Web Browser installed. Recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and FireFox etc. work just fine. JustUrls allows you to add your own buttons to the program

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Address URL Editor 1.10: Lets you edit URL Address Dropdown List in Internet Explorer
Address URL Editor 1.10

URL Editor is a little tool that helps user to edit URL Address Dropdown List in Internet Explorer, these URL addresses, Microsoft calls them `Typed URLs`. You could always erase every URL you`ve typed by selecting "tools" in menu of IE, then select option, then click "Clear History", but sometimes you don`t want to erase all the URLs in the URL Address dropdown list, you just want to delete some of them, or, you want to edit the mistyped URL ......

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